How Space Technology Will Produce the Best Weed Ever

Mike Dixon wants to send plants to Mars. Growing crops in space is the best way to provide proper nutrition to the crew on a long-duration mission, this University of Guelph researcher believes—but because there’s no manned mission to Mars scheduled at the moment, it’s hard to get funding for this type of research.

In the meantime, he and a growing number of other botanists are studying a plant where there’s plenty of funding right now, in Canada anyway: cannabis. Read more in Motherboard.

How to Test the Potency of Pot-Infused Foods

Photo by Jahan Marcu

Photo by Jahan Marcu

Eating a bag of THC-laced gummy bears may seem like a safer way of taking your medical marijuana than smoking a joint, but how do you know that you’re actually getting the right dose? It turns out the labels on edible products—when they even exist—are often inaccurate, and testing is actually very hard to do.

Up to a quarter of medical cannabis users in the US get their dose from edible products such as oils, brownies or candies. In Canada, the Supreme Court ruled in June that patients should be allowed to ingest edible medical marijuana, too. But while the number of products and the places such products are sold continues to grow, the regulations that govern how edibles should be labelled vary between jurisdictions, and are often weak and poorly enforced. Read more on Motherboard.