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Free certification for US cannabis labs to help fight opioid epidemic

Ensuring that America’s medical marijuana is reliable and of high quality will help patients and drive down opioid use in the country, according to Americans for Safe Access.

A group dedicated to improving access to and the safety of medicinal cannabis in the US is offering its certification programme free of charge to cannabis testing labs to help fight the country’s opioid epidemic.

The Americans for Safe Access (ASA)’s Patient Focused Certification (PFC) programme is intended to be a mark of quality for cannabis testing labs, and to help them prepare for ISO 17025 accreditation – the main international standard for demonstrating the technical competence and accuracy of testing and calibration labs, says Jahan Marcu, director of the certification programme. Read more in Chemistry World.

Trapping seawater contaminants in calcareous deposits

Electrochemical technique can trap up to 24% of nickel in metal-rich seawater, in just seven days.

The same process that causes crusty limescale to build up on the inside of your kettle could help to clean up nickel pollution in seawater, according to new research from the South Pacific island of New Caledonia. Read more in Chemistry World.

Spinning out of control?

Considering cashing in on your research? Here’s what not to do…

It’s natural when you have discovered something to want to see it developed into new and useful products – either by licensing your intellectual property (IP) to industry or creating a spinout company to develop the product yourself.

But despite the push by governments around the world to promote technology transfer, many universities still do not have the expertise or resources to exploit the discoveries of their academics effectively. Read more in Chemistry World.